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Fook Off Ya CoontPinchers has been with the Mighty Allstars since they formed. At first a player before taking on a management/coaching role. Neil has been 'hugely' involved in the club with many of it's greatest moments being centred around him. Way back in 1996, Super-Sub, Neil did the unthinkable, yes he dried his rather large crack on Captain Elgies white towel. The towel was later destroyed. Now that Neil has joined the backroom staff the fans hope he will still attend the Festog 5's as he is extremely useful, especially in the bar.

Age: 33
Fans Nicknames: Pinchers, Job Group 5.5, Super-sub.
Position: Left, centre and right midfield (All at the same time).
Best At: Booting female players off the park.
Distinguishing Feature: Sonic boom as he runs past you.
Favourite Film: Titanic
Favourite Song: Anything by Spinal Tap
Childhood Hero: Roy Chubby Brown
Real life Quote: 'I've got blisters on my fingers from strumming my instrument'
Interesting Fact: Neil has a £3000 guitar
Greatest Moment in an Allstars Shirt: Getting it on (The shirt that is).