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Groovy BabyHot-Rod joined the Allstars in 1996 in a multi-million pound move from Athletico Minto. Roddy is famed for his high living and has often been referred to as the Allstars  International Playboy. Since coming to the Allstars he has firmly established himself in the team and is a favourite with the fans and media alike. He has several personal sponsorships, 'Wigs 'R' Us', 'Rugs4U' and 'Carpetwise' are just a few. Like David Beckham, Rodders lives in a huge house called 'Rodgerham Mansion', he also has a pink Porsche and a round bed, not to mention his Heart shaped Jacuzzi and his collection of giant gold medallions.

Hot-Rod Factfile

Age: 23
Fans Nicknames: T1000, Roddy the Body, Ruggy.
Position: Middle Management
Best At: Taking the form of other beings
Distinguishing Features: Perma-glaze Hair.
Favourite Film: Terminator 2
Favourite Song: YMCA
Childhood Hero: Robert Patrick
Real life Quote: My new house has sliding mirrors in the bedroom.(On the ceiling)
Interesting Fact: Roddy has a round bed.
Interesting Fact No2: Roddy's hair never moves when he does.                                                           Greatest Moment in an Allstars Shirt: Downing a pint of Guinness before playing the firemen.