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Scotty loves tobleroneScotty Fisher joined the Allstars on a Bosman from Alpha-letico Madrid, having previously played for Dynamo Dunlin. The lofty left-footer has been a huge hit with the fans although his cross dressing habits worry some.
Usually features as a midfield general but used to play on the left wing before his weight exploded and put an end to his mazy runs.
Fishbox is known across the whole Festog-Offshore Football Federation for his great tackle.

Fisher Factfile

Age: 31
Fans Nicknames: Betty, Hilda, Dame Edna, Fishbox, Fishnets
Position: Midfield General
Best At: Ability to Cross (Dress)  
Distinguishing Features: Third Leg and pointy ears, ‘a la spock’.
Favourite Film: Nurse Betty
Favourite Song: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Childhood Hero: Jimmy Nichol
Real life Quote: Did you know Raith Rovers beat Celtic on the 28th November 1994.
Interesting Fact: Scott has 3 nipples and webbed feet. He also loves laminate flooring.
Greatest Moment in an Allstars Shirt: Scoring a goal at Links Park(Montroses Ground).