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Matt on scouting missionMatthew joined the Allstars in 96 from Athletico Minto for an undisclosed amount. Since then has spent most of his time between the sticks for the Allstars ,the highlight being him saving a scuffed shot at the prestigious Festog Fives. Matt has shed some pounds in recent times after getting his hair cut and is a anxious to try out a bit further down the field, probably for Dynamo Delta.

Age: 27
Fans Nickname: Matt the cat, Matt the Bat, What the fuck was that Matt, whats he waving at, The Cats Whiskers
Position: Wing Back
Favourite Movie: Night of the Living dead
Favourite Song: Mullet KyIntyre
Childhood Hero: Cousin it
Real life Quote: Im sure GT5 was running when I walked passed.
Interesting Fact: Matts car does 75mpg.
Greatest Moment in an Allstars Shirt: