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Well on the Charlie..............Paul was signed last season on a free when he was transfer listed by BC Milan. Since coming to the Allstars Paul has proved himself to be a great 'Utility' man! Paul, who picked up a handsome bonus when he joined the Allstars, lives in a £500,000 mansion in Edinburgh's exclusive Morningside district and his arrival caused some unrest amongst the other players when he blew a hole in the previously strict wage structure with many players reckoning he was milking the club dry. The 'Thinman', as he is known by the fans is expected to play a crucial role in this seasons push for glory, providing crucial insider knowledge from BC Milan. Allstars Manager, Captain Elgie said 'I can't wait to hear how they did things over there!'

McLean Factfile

Age: 18
Fans Nicknames: Thinman, PG Tipps, Cheetah, Charly.
Position: Utility Man
Best At: ‘Hanging’ around the box and ‘swinging’ the ball in.
Distinguishing Feature: Huge Gnashers
Favourite Film: Planet Of The Apes
Favourite Song: Anything by the Monkees
Childhood Hero: Charlton Heston
Real life Quote: It just came off in my hand.
Interesting Fact: Paul has two cats.
Greatest Moment in an Allstars Shirt: Scoring past Matt D'Catt to ensure all the Allstars players got on the scoresheet last season.