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Keep chippin' away min                                                                                                                       Chris was another signing from Athletico Minto. Joining in a massive media frenzy, not to mention a massive pair of trousers! Chris has established himself in the Allstars team and is known throughout the Festog Federation. Mr Chips was the subject of a transfer wrangle last year when Ashvale City manager Harry Ramsden put in a multimillion pound bid for his services. Luckily the Allstars were able to put a better deal on the table(ie Heinz Tomato Ketchup) and Chris decided to stay.

Mr Chips Factfile

Age: 23
Fans Nicknames: Mr Chips, The Red Barrel
Position: Midfield Maestro
Best At: Patrolling the centre circle
Distinguishing Features: Permanently attached to chair
Favourite Film: The Italian Job and anything with 'Minnie Driver'
Favourite Song: I want to ride my Bicyc...............Aaaaargh!
Childhood Hero: David Dickinson
Real life Quote: Ye Cannae get DVT surfin the net.
Interesting Fact: Chris weighs more than his car.                                                                                    Greatest Moment in an Allstars Shirt: Scoring a wooster-booster from the edge of his own box at the Festog 5's in 2003.