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The Bravo Allstars were celebrating this month after finally capturing their first trophy. A superb 4-3 victory over old rivals RGITMontose FC ensured Captain Elgie’s men collected the silverware.

Player-Manager, Elgie said ‘This is one of the greatest moments of my life, right up there with the news that they had found a cure for baldness.’ Colin, 27, went on(and on) ‘We have worked hard for the last 7 seasons and I think I have finally got a good team together, capable of many more great triumphs.’

Allstars Chairman Sir Ian Mosley, the Laird of Montrose, was delighted that the team he has put so much money into had finally won. He said ‘This is m-m-m-ma-mag-magnificent for the club and the players and I hope we will continue to improve.’ When asked if he would be looking to strengthen the squad he said ‘It’s definitely something I will be keeping my good eye on.’

Man of the match in the final was PR man Scotty Fisher, who capped his performance with a glorious goal in the first half. Scotty lashed the ball in at the keepers near post before running off to the main stand to celebrate in front of the huge travelling Allstars support, which was mostly made up of his children.


An injury worry for the Brent Super Cup is Ged Thomas who was stretchered off with a hoarse throat. Another worry will be Pete Hewison who had to leave the field after 2.3 seconds following a collision with a daisy.


Bad news for the Allstars though was the shock announcement that, defensive stalwart, Steve Waterfield will be leaving the club. Steve is to join Gannetasaray in a £8.5m move that will see him take up the position of player coach. Allstars vice-chairman JR McEwan said ‘We tried to talk Steve into staying but even with an improved package on the table we just could not manage to match that of Gannetasaray.’ Steve said ‘Cough, Ahem ,Ahem, It’s like this you see, Cough, Cough, Ahem , Goodbye’

This leaves the Allstars with a problem at left back and it is hoped that they can avoid having to field a Tiffy in this position.


On the back of the Allstars greatest ever victory came news of a new sponsorship deal. ‘I-am-gay.com’ have offered in the region of £1.5m to become the new shirt sponsor. Club spokesman Roddy MacLachlan said in a statement released yesterday ‘I have no problem wearing this sponsor and it is certainly less embarrassing than the other offer on the table from ‘I-like-women.com’’. 

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