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Bravo Allstars announced today that after a boardroom struggle, former chairman and multi-millionaire Sir Ian Mosley has now returned to head the new board of directors. Mosley said ' I was not happy with the way things were going at the club and felt I had to get involved.' Sir Ian who ran the club only two years ago returns with a huge bank balance which Captain Elgie hopes he will use to strengthen the team.

Elgie said last night ' Ian coming back is a GODsend. He has the money available to expand the squad. I bought Chris Jappy last month when John Smith was still chairman but that only expanded the squads average waistline.'


Chairman Mosely immediately used his business connections to secure a player sponsorship deal with Scottish Blend Tea. The tea giant will sponsor individual players with the club getting 10% of any fees. Scottish Blend spokesman, Mr PG Tipps said ' The deal is similar to Walkers crisps deal with Cheese 'n' Owen and Salt 'n' Lineker but we will have MacLachlans Virgini-Tea, Kays Obesi-Tea, Ramages Goat-Tea and Barnbrooks Monstrosi-Tea.'


Director Of Football, John Kay revealed that he and Captain Elgie had tried to sign Hearts striker Stephan Adam but the deal fell through. Club Finance chief John McEwan said it would cost too much to relocate the Adams family.


On the playing front, a pre-season friendly has been arranged with the mighty Montrose Fire-team. Club Director of Football, John Kay said ' This is a chance for the players to go out and impress new manager Elgie.' Colin added ' This is my first game in charge and it will certainly be a hair-raising experience for me.' It is thought there will be a huge turn out for the game with the Allstars massive travelling support cheering on the team. Supporters club chairman big Kev Thompson said ' I hope we get a good night for it, the last time I was out I ended up soaking wet.'


Some new faces are expected in the line up of Captain Elgies new look Allstars. Ged Thomas, Tom Wotherspoon and Norrie Pate are expected to make the SHORTlist. While new signing Alan Wallets is expected to play an instrumental role. It is thought that Ali Gillespie will HEAD the attack with Roddy MacLachlan possibly taking up the rear.


The Allstars camp was rocked this week by the news that there could be some doubt over the eligibility of Scott Fisher to play for the team. In the wake of the Welsh rugby scandal it has come to surface that Scotts grandad was infact born on the Alpha and not the Bravo. Scott, 46, said ' I was shocked when my dad, Joe Jordan, told me. I was always under the impression I had Bravo blood in me.'


Allstars board revealed that the strip deal with sportswear giants Pendle was now off. Club secretary Roddy MacLachlan said ' We didn't think Pendle had the resources to supply what we required and when we phoned in the size of Pinchbecks shorts the line went dead.' A new deal however is being worked on and it is thought that Nike, Kappa and Adidas are all interested.

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