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The Allstars board has yet to confirm if they will be replacing manager Kay after Allstars failed to capture the Festog Trophy. As reported in the last newsletter, it seems likely that Kay will be moved aside and a new man put in charge. The recently retired, Captain Elgie has been tipped to take over the Allstars hotseat, Colin said ' It certainly is a hotseat, what with big Kay being glued to it most of the year.'


Player Manager, John Kay BSc is still hard at work though trying to improve his squad for next seasons tournament. There has been strong rumours that he is in top secret signing talks with the BC Milan captain, Kenny Fraser. Kenny has been seen coming and going from the Allstars camp this week and would be an ideal replacement for Allstars legend Colin Elgie. Manager Kay said ' If we could sign Fraser, it would be a great coup for us. Kenny has the fighting spirit we need in the midfield and would strengthen our squad immensely.' Kay continued ' He is like a hungry animal when he is on the park.' Kenny Fraser had this to say ' Hee-Haw, Hee-Haw, oink-oink, moooo!'


Allstars Chairman John W. Smith announced this week that he has now bought up a 30% stake in Festog rivals Alphaletico Madrid. However he expressed that this would not affect his commitment to the Allstars and indeed revealed that he was offering Kay a virtually blank cheque book to re-build his squad. Smithers has plenty of money to splash around from his many successful business, WH Smith, SmithKline-Beecham and John Smiths Bitter to name but a few.


Celebrity Rock Star and lifelong Allstars fan, Graeme D'Steward has announced that he will donate 10% of the royalties from his Greatest Hits album to the Allstars board to help bring in some new players. He said ' I've always liked going along and watching all the boys, I find it so exciting.' The album goes on sale next Monday and includes his recent hit ' Man, I feel like a Woman' and last years Christmas No1 'Don't let your son go down on me.'


News broke yesterday that Allstars newest recruit Scott Fisher had been approached by the SFA to take over the Scotland managers job when Craig Brown retires. However this later turned out to be a mistake on the SFA's part as they we wanting Joe Jordan and not Scott. Allstars Ass coach, Neil Pinchbeck added ' If anyone is going places it has to be me.'

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