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The Bravo Allstars camp was devastated after this seasons Festog Tournament. The Allstars, firm favourites, were beaten in the grand final by old rivals BC Milan. This is now the third year running that the Allstars have finished as runners-up and new club chairman John Smith said ' I really thought that this would be our year. I think that we must make some sweeping changes at the club now before next seasons tournament'.


Manager Kay, speaking from his holiday retreat in the sun-drenched Shetland Islands, said ' I think the team as a whole did exceptionally well and deserved to win.' Kay also stated ' I think that the BC Milan team cheated a little in so much as none of the players actually work on the Charlie, with the exception of Ally McDonald. It would be easy for a club like the Allstars to sign 8 players from Barcelona on loan for the Festog tournament, but we prefer to give the others a sporting chance.' Assistant coach, Neil Pinchbeck said ' I think that we need to bring in a 3 foreigners rule to ensure that home grown talent doesn't lose out.'

The Allstars board have decided to raise the matter of foreigners playing with the Festog-Offshore Football Federation (F-OFF).


Bravo Allstars record though is a good one. Three years in a row they have been runners up and they are a delight to watch. Captain Elgie said ' I think the team played very exciting football and certainly wowed the crowd.' Manager Kay added ' I think that the age of the team and the semi-final going to sudden death took it's toll on us in the final. At the end, it was only the more athletic players, like myself, that were still able to run about'.


The Allstars oldest and biggest fan, Chris Barnbrook, 63, said ' In the final they fell apart, they just weren't doing enough work, they were all sitting back expecting someone else to do it'. He added ' If I'd been a bit younger I would have loved to have gone on and given them a huge hand'.


 During the tournament a new star was born, Brian Duncan, known to the fans as Mr Noisy had some outstanding seconds in the games. ' Next year we will definetly give him a SHOUT ', said Ass. Coach Pinchbeck. The Allstars will also be looking to add to the squad for next year, as it looks likely that, living legend, Elgie will retire. Colin is known to have signed up a television deal with L'Oreal to advertise their shampoos. Chairman Smith is said to be keen to keep Elgie on and may try to temp him with a big money offer. Smith said ' He's Colin Elgie and he's worth it'.


Allstars board were playing down rumours that Manager Kay may be moved aside in a 'Jozef Venglos' type manouver which would allow the installing of a dedicated big name manager. Pinchbeck is said to be one big name but he might be pipped by Wotherspoon who has two more letters. However, the fans hope that Colin Elgie may step into the role, as he is seen as a great tactician who would be able to organise the team and make careful decisions during the matches.

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