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Bravo Allstars midfield maestro Colin Elgie has been forced to retire through injury. Colin, 27, has been suffering from the back injury he sustained after Pinchbeck jumped on him, during goal celebrations, for the last year. Colin says 'I'm sad to finally hang up my boots, but I'm not going to pull my hair out over it.'

 Allstars player-manager, John Kay added 'Colin has been our most valuable player in the last 3 years and has been instrumental in bringing on and coaching our new superstars.'

 The Allstars board has announced that a testimonial match will be played in honor of  Colin, known to the fans as 'Super-Shiny'. There is expected to be a superstar turn out with the likes of Ruud Gullit, Lothar Mattius and Steve Hart turning out. The match is expected to raise at least £1.52, which Colin wants to donate to Follicle Research.


 Allstars have now completed the signing of Scott Fisher from Alphaletico Madrid. Scott signed  a free transfer under the Bosman ruling but is rumored to have pocketed a substantial bonus. Scott played for BC Milan last season on loan and was watched closely by Allstars scout Bill Ramage. Ramage says 'BC Milan were on the verge of  signing him when we jumped in, this is a massive coup for us, it will really have got their goat.'


Last year was another successful year for the Allstars finishing runners up in the prestigious Festog tournament and coming out as top scorers with some great goals from Captain Elgie, Hot-Rod MacLachlan and the young starlet Gillespie. 'Next year  eh….,we em…,  want to go eh…., one better and win!' bellowed club secretary Alan Greig.

 Fans favourite John Smith, club director of  finance, said 'Last season was a very profitable year for the allstars with record crowds and the £1.5m transfer of Scott McKenzie to Seafield City. If I was to give advice to the general public then I would say 'Buy shares in Bravo Allstars''.  Smithers also unvailed a new sponsership deal with Tunnocks, to which Manager Kay said 'Now I can have my cake and eat it'.


On this years chances Manager John Kay stated 'We have a highly talented team and if we can all keep in shape then we should do well. We have a few concerns about the fitness of some players, who perhaps have been living it up a bit too much,'

Club physio Steve Hargraves has brought in an incentive scheme where by if the players can stay below 40BMI then they will be guaranteed a first team place.


 The main threat to the allstars chances this season will again be from the mighty BC Milan and NC Dynamoes. However Milan are without several key players this year who have been sold off to raise money for ground improvements, with stars such as Bobby Milne and Kenny Fraser being axed.

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