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Flummin' meh mehBill was the founder of the Bravo Allstars, setting up the club in 1996 with money he made from selling his Goat Herding Empire. Bill is a huge footie fan and tries to watch boys playing all the time. (I think you mean 'the' boys).                                

    Bill pictured above:

Ramage Factfile

Age: 77
Fans Nicknames: Billy goat, old goat, bigoted goat, Porngoat .
Position: Flat out with his feet up.
Favourite Film: Young nurses teach old man lesson in love (Amongst others)
Favourite Song: Flower Of Scotland (He was the Bearded Corrie)
Childhood Hero: Jim Leishman
Real life Quote: I've never done this before.
Interesting Fact: Bill has wardrobes from IKEA.